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Sarajevo to Serbia…

Overlanding an Audi…

21 July 2022: From Sarajevo we are headed to a Serbian National Park called Tara, and we have managed to take the Audi on a series of dirt roads by following Google Maps offline even though we hadn’t really prepared for this impromptu trip…

Sarajevo: Caravanserai Cafe…

Exploring Old Sarajevo…

20 July 2022: We are looking for the remains of three ancient Silk Road caravanserai that can still be found in the city of Sarajevo. One of them is a ruin, one has been restored and refurbished into a cross between a souk and a modern shopping mall. We stopped for a turkish coffee in what remains of the third…


THIS MONTH: is very proud to be presenting a brand new kind of rally experience for 2022 — the Nomad Overland Virtual Adventure Rally a ten week event that participants can do from anywhere within the continental U.S.A. Competitors design their own routes as part of the rally, then drive it in a points-based online competition that includes optional activity tasks, quests and weekly challenges. The rally will run from 6 June – 14 August and is open to any driver within the United States who has an off-road capable vehicle — stock or modified. Late Registration is still open. For more information see the Rally website

A Northeastern Overland Roadtrip looping from Long Island NY to the Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont to the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire to Acadia National Park in Maine to Cape Cod National Seashore in Massachusetts and back to Long Island …

Heading to a small village in Serbia to help out with the annual plum harvest and spend some time exploring the countryside with friends …


Attending the Ladies Offroad Network Convention in Moab, UT. The 6th annual convention will be held October 12-15, 2022, with lots of hands-on opportunities to gain all types of offroading skills, learn and engage with other offroad ladies as they share their stories, and laugh the whole way. The convention is an action-packed, interactive 4-day weekend educating, motivating, and guiding offroad ladies…

Nesconset | Paris | Belgrade

1-14 July – NE Roadtrip
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1-15 June – Long Island
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27-31 March – Death Valley- DVE
21-26 March – LON Skills Camp
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16-23 September – Roadtrip West
1-15 September – CT Training
August – Paris

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