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DEC 2018

The annual holiday roadtrip south to the Ocala National Forest in Florida… [read]

16-30 NOV 2018

Scooting West Africa on the Atlantic coast in Senegal and Gambia … [read]

1-15 NOV 2018

Paris with friends and time to plan for upcoming travel beyond… [read]

OCT 2018

Back on Long Island, learning new skills and preparing for something different… [read]

SEP 2018

Navigating the Anza Borrego Badlands and some sand dunes with Rebelle U… [read]

22-31 AUG 2018

Learning to ride in preparation for something completely new… [read]

8-21 AUG 2018

A peaceful summer interlude with friends in a favorite Serbian village… [read]

1-7 AUG 2018

Learning and having fun at the Ladies Offroad Network annual convention… [read]

22-31 JUL 2018

A brief stop in Moab before the Ladies Offroad Network convention… [read]

9-21 JUL 2018

Welding at the first annual Woman and Machine New England… [read]

1-8 JUL 2018

Got some solid time on dirt bikes at DC Dirt Camp’s training weekend… [read]

24-30 JUN 2018

More map and compass practice not far from home in New York… [read]

11-24 JUN 2018

Nothing better than wandering Paris streets in summertime… [read]

7-10 JUN 2018

Made it for the Jeep Invasion and fun antics of the annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival… [read]

1-6 JUN 2018

Roadtrip across Pennsylvania to Butler, with some stops for offroad fun enroute… [read]

MAY 2018

Back for the 2nd Annual Wheelers Overland Adventure at AOAA to teach more on navigation… [read]

16-30 APR 2018

Back home and stepping outside the comfort zone to learn a new skill… [read]

4-15 APR 2018

Exploring ancient ruins of the Sahara while scouting in Sudan… [read]

29 MAR-3 APR 2018

Heading into the Western Desert in the Egyptian Sahara… [read]

22-28 MAR 2018

Time in Paris with friends before heading to the desert… [read]

16-21 MAR 2018

Winter is not letting go in the city of light… [read]

1-15 MAR 2018

Spending some quiet time on Long Island… [read]

FEB 2018

Checking out some new trails that have opened up in PA… [read]

JAN 2018

Roadtrip from Vegas to Glamis for some sand dune training… [read]


DEC 2017

Holiday roadtrip from New York to Ocala National Forest in Florida… [read]

16-30 NOV 2017

A short trip to Paris and the Grande Fete des Touaregs… [read]

1-15 NOV 2017

A stop in St. Petersburg Florida for family visits and some time on the water… [read]

OCT 2017

On the trail at the annual Women’s Wheeling Day, Rausch Creek… [read]

18-30 SEP 2017

Exploratory scouting along ancient caravan routes in Kyrgyzstan… [read]

1-17 SEP 2017

Dune driving skills with Rebelle U at the Imperial Sand Dunes… [read]

15-31 AUG 2017

Overlanding to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon… [read]

8-14 AUG 2017

Guiding at the 9th annual Topless for Tatas, at Rausch Creek… [read]

1-7 AUG 2017

On the road in Serbia along the Danube border with Romania… [read]

JULY 2017

Helping out with the plum harvest in a small Serbian village… [read]

JUNE 2017

Return to Paris to see some good friends and favorite places… [read]

MAY 2017

Teaching nav at the 1st Annual Wheelers Overland Adventure, AOAA… [read]

22-30 APR 2017

Looping back to Djanet during last few days in Algeria… [read]

15-21 APR 2017

Exploring the Tadrart in Algeria near the Libyan border… [read]

8-14 APR 2017

Scouting in the Sahara in the southeast of Algeria… [read]

1-7 APR 2017

Pre-running an overland loop at AOAA for Wheelers Adventure… [read]

MAR 2017

Back home in New York for planning and prep to finish out winter… [read]

FEB 2017

Sand dune training at Glamis with Barlow Adventures… [read]

JAN 2017

A trip along El Camino del Diablo on the US-Mexican border… [read]


DEC 2016

Holiday roadtrip to Ocala with a stop at Big Creek Rocks, Uwharrie, NC… [read]

NOV 2016

A brief visit to Paris to catch up with friends post-rally… [read]

13-31 OCT 2016

Team Engage successfully completed the first annual Rebelle Rally… [read]

8-12 OCT 2016

Final week of rally prep, navigation practice and scouting in Nevada… [read]

1-7 OCT 2016

Sable the Rebelle Rally Jeep is ready to roll and we are enroute for Reno… [read]

26-30 SEP 2016

Team Engage #124 gearing up for the upcoming Rebelle Rally event… [read]

19-25 SEP 2016

Getting hardcore land nav workout at Orienteering event… [read]

12-18 SEP 2016

Training continues in the dunes with a realistic night recovery scenario… [read]

5-11 SEP 2016

Driving a navigational simulation that mirrors a rally day… [read]

29 AUG – 4 SEP 2016

Working on precision nav and driving skills with maps and plotting… [read]

23-28 AUGUST 2016

Training for speed in the desert with the Rod Hall Drive crew… [read]

15-22 AUGUST 2016

Team Engage is official and training in Reno for the Rebelle Rally… [read]

8-14 AUGUST 2016

Trail guiding for the 8th Annual Topless For Tatas event at Rausch Creek… [read]

1-7 AUGUST 2016

On the trail in southern Serbia, exploring a loop from Golija to Kapaonik… [read]

JULY 2016

Some time in Serbia with friends helping out for the annual plum harvest… [read]

JUNE 2016

Expedition to Mongolia in support of the Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project… [read]

16-31 MAY 2016

A brief stopover for Overland Expo West then on to Mongolia Expedition… [read]

1-15 MAY 2016

A short visit in Paris where tensions mount and people are angry… [read]

APRIL 2016

Mission specific training with OEX for the Mongolia expedition… [read]

MARCH 2016

Enjoying some outdoor time near home on LI while preparing the next project… [read]


Glamis Rebelle ladies weekend and exploring Anza Borrego… [read]


Arizona and the border, scouting El Camino del Diablo… [read]



Some time at home, maps and planning for the upcoming year… [read]


New York city and a night with the Gazelle organization… [read]

15-31 OCT 2015

Moab training with Bill Burke and solo expedition into the Maze… [read]

1-14 OCT 2015

Enjoying the trails and back country roads at Vermont Overland Rally… [read]


Back to Paris for some time to reconnect with friends… [read]


700 Jeeps join 7th annual Topless for Tatas event at Rausch Creek… [read]

JULY 2015

Another incredible journey on the Rubicon trail with Barlow Adventures… [read]

JUNE 2015

Road trip to PA and record-setting Jeep Invasion at Bantam Festival… [read]

MAY 2015

Arizona camping, jeeping and teaching at Overland Expo West… [read]

APRIL 2015

Checking out the trails at Rausch Creek after winter melt… [read]

MARCH 2015

Training with master trainer Bill Burke in Uwharrie, NC… [read]


Saying goodbye to Paris and heading back to NY… [read]


Scouting the Sahara across Mauritania, special report… [read]


15-31 DECEMBER 2014

Solo road trip from Las Vegas, Nevada to Death Valley in California… [read]

1-14 DECEMBER 2014

Exploring the deserts of the southwest and working out in the dunes… [read]


Back to the familiar streets of Paris for some planning and time with friends… [read]


On the road for Overland Expo East, Vermont Overland and Rausch Creek trails… [read]


Moab Jeep trails with Barlow Adventures and trail time at Rausch Creek… [read]


Topless for Tatas annual charity event at Rausch Creek, and fun on the trails… [read]

JULY 2014

Summer Jeep fun with good friends at the Wharton State Forest, NJ… [read]

JUNE 2014

Jeeping across Pennsylvania from Rausch Creem to the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival in Butler… [read]

MAY 2014

A quick trip to Arizona to enjoy the backcountry around Sedona and checkout this year’s Overland Expo West… [read]

APRIL 2014

The journey back from the Gazelle Rally in Morocco, getting re-acquainted with the trails at Rausch Creek… [read]

29 MAR 2014


THE FINISH LINE. Team 171 USnomads reaches the beach at Essaouira for the ceremonial finish… [read]

28 MAR 2014

THE ROAD TO ESSAOURIA: Teams left the desert heading west, toward the coast for the Rally’s ceremonial end… [read]

27 MAR 2014


LEG 6: FOUM ZGUID LOOP. The final segment of the competition takes teams on a relatively short loop south… [read]

26 MAR 2014

LEG 5: THE SECOND MARATHON, DAY TWO. Another long day today, as teams work their way across Chegaga… [read]

25 MAR 2014

LEG 5: THE SECOND MARATHON, DAY ONE. Teams head into some of the most difficult terrain they will face… [read]

24 MAR 2014

LEG 4: THE FIRST MARATHON, DAY TWO. The long segment ends, bringing teams to a new bivouac at Tinfou… [read]

23 MAR 2014

LEG 4: THE FIRST MARATHON, DAY ONE. Start of two-day segment where teams camp in desert alone… [read]

22 MAR 2014

LEG 3: THE DUNES OF MERZOUGA. The Gazelles face the intimidating heights of the famed Erg Chebbi… [read]

21 MAR 2014

LEG 2: NEJAKH NORTH LOOP. The teams loop north today, in the area of Errachida then return to base… [read]

20 MAR 2014

LEG 1: NEJAKH SOUTH LOOP. The first day of the real competition begins as teams head south into the desert… [read]

19 MAR 2014

PROLOGUE: Calibration of odometers in the morning, followed by a sample of the competition course… [read]

18 MAR 2014

The Gazelles continue the drive from the port of Tangiers to Erfoud… [read]

17 MAR 2014

Getting Ready to Roll: Teams use the day on the ferry to prepare their maps, and practice plotting… [read]

16 MAR 2014

On the Road to Morocco: The Gazelles continue the drive from France to Spain, where they load onto the ferry… [read]

15 MAR 2014


The Grand Depart: The ceremonial start of the 24th edition of the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles in front of the Eiffel tower at place Trocadero… [read]

14 MAR 2014

Becoming Gazelles: The team goes for “technical verification” day, the Jeep gets “stickered” and they are given their official Gazelle Rally vests… [read]

8 – 13 MAR 2014

Final countdown to the Rally this week, as we gather last minute supplies, make sure the Jeep is ready, and spend some time with friends… [read]

1 – 7 MAR 2014

The adventure begins with packing for the rally and travel to Paris, where we visit the Jeep and sort details with great anticipation… [read]

22 – 28 FEB 2014

Back to the dunes with Barlow Jeep School, intensive driving, work on precise navigation, prep of the Jeep, and the team gets set to go … [read]

15 – 21 FEB 2014

The team’s doing more work on land nav in sand and the 2014 Gazelle Rally team roster is live on the Rally site… [read]

8 – 14 FEB 2014

Team training in southern California, land navigation simulation at Johnson Valley and in the Imperial Sand Dunes … [read]

1 – 7 FEB 2014

With about a month to go before the start of the 24th edition of the Rally, Team 171 USnomads is getting ready… [read]

17-31 JAN 2014

Preparations for the 2014 edition of the Rally are underway, route for the 2014 course released… [read]

1-17 JAN 2014

Moonlight run to Mexico with Tierra del Sol, more official Gazelle training in the Imperial Sand Dunes and Ocotillo Wells… [read]



Exploring unfamiliar trails in Florida’s Ocala National Forest, the team gets together in Paris to work on navigation concepts, accurate plotting and map and compass skills… [read]



Intensive training in the heart of the Imperial Sand Dunes with Barlow Jeep School, checking out Arizona desert trails… [read]

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