Training for Mongolia with OEX

OVERLAND EXPERTS FACILITY, HADLYME, CT: Training at the OEX CT location with the some of the team for the upcoming Mongolia expedition this weekend. Great weather for being out in the woods, and a lot of excitement for the trip. We reviewed basic skills and equipment that we will have available for the mission. We also got to know each other a bit, working together in a team environment out on the trails. It seems like it will be a good group of people and everyone is enthusiastic about the project. Got some good insight into the route and the activities of the Mongolia Bankhar Dog Project (MBDP), the NGO we will be supporting during this expedition.

The first day of the weekend focused on refreshing our skills and going over general convoy management protocols. We also learned more about the mission in detail, the terrain and the types of vehicles we will be driving.

Day two of training with the Overland Experts team focused on off-road driving techniques and contingency scenarios as we continued to review. The field exercises were supplemented with informal briefings on road conditions and life in Mongolia from team members who have already been working in-country.

We finished up the day with a review of the recovery options we will have on hand in Mongolia. While none of the Overland Experts expedition vehicles will be equipped with a winch, we will have hi-lift jack, static and dynamic straps, and Maxtrax on hand. The terrain should not be that challenging and hopefully we will not need to spend too much time on recovery in the field.

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