Day 13: Back to UB…


A short drive back to UB today and the end of our journey. It has been an amazing experience of natural beauty, history and culture, at an intense pace with lots of surprises. We have gotten to know a little bit about the lives of the nomadic herders we met along the way. Their incredible fortitude and optimism in the face of daily struggle is inspirational. It will take a while to reflect upon and sort all the emotions and mental imagery from this vast wild land under an endless blue sky. We have discovered it to be a poetic place, a mixture of magical myth and harsh reality tempered by smiles, laughter and optimism. And as we return to the crowds and pollution of the big city, our first step back to the “civilization” we left behind only two weeks before, there is a small sadness at having to leave. Of course, there is also the beginnings of new plans to come back — something about these “once in a lifetime” trips that end up becoming more than “once”…

[Photos courtesy Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project/OEX]

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