AOAA, SHAMOKIN, PA — The First Annual Wheelers Overland Adventure at Anthracite Offroad Adventure Area took place in May 2017, bringing together overlanders from all across the east coast for a 4-day event that combined skills instruction, trails, camping and fun challenges for all levels. One of the highlights was a 40-mile overland loop that crossed a variety of terrain including some areas that are usually not open to the public. We had a chance to pre-run the route, designed by Kyle Buchter of Offroad Consulting, prior to the event, and enjoyed all the trails had to offer. Buchter put the route together connecting up trails from the AOAA properties with some adjoining the park on public lands, and was even able to obtain permission for some sections over private land. The result made for an awesome drive alternating between beautiful vistas, tight woodland trails, rocks and mud, wide open stretches, step hill climbs and water crossings. The loop was uniquely available to event participants during the weekend and will likely be an option for future editions of the event as well. [Photos: JoMarie Fecci/USnomads]

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