A great way to spend a weekend playing in the sand and enhancing desert driving skills, is the intensive weekend of training provided by Barlow Adventures at the Imperial Sand Dunes. This selection of imagery gives an overview of the tough but beautiful terrain, and the rigorous workout encountered during this event. For three days in January 2017 our small group worked on driving techniques, map and compass navigation and sand recovery scenarios with expert instruction from Nena Barlow. Participants were taught techniques for reading the terrain and were able to practice picking their own lines as we crossed the dunefield from different angles. We got experience getting stuck and unstuck and spent time on the finer points of map and compass navigation. Training in Glamis is an opportunity unequaled anywhere else in the US. The immense sea of sand is similar to the Sahara, with a complex field of increasingly more difficult dunes that continue for roughly 40 miles.

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