Some Thoughts on the Road

A roadtrip is always a little magical. No matter how many we take, each one is new and different. The challenges and pleasures will be unique, though the heightened sense of awareness and serendipity of chance encounters is familiar.

There is an excitement that never gets old, when we are up at 4am getting into the Jeep and setting off for the unknown (or even the known) accompanied by our own soundtrack of roadtrip music. We can bask in the luxury of not really being in a hurry because the journey itself is the destination. We look forward to the drive. We revel in the sense of freedom we feel on the open road. Every roadtrip is a fresh start full of opportunity — metaphor for the essence of the American dream of new beginnings.

As the miles roll on, we see a random montage of vistas framed through a windshield, but unlike in a film, we can actually stop and explore them.

We’ve temporarily left all the worries and responsibilities behind, and we are now just following the lines on a map to someplace else. Eyes wide open we are ready to take in the experience of a place, a landscape, an ambiance. The open road always seems to lead to an open mind…

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