Video: Rebelles in the Sand

19-21 FEBRUARY 2016: A diverse group of women came together at the Imperial Sand Dunes to train, share information, and get to know one another in an informal weekend event organized by Nena Barlow of Barlow Adventures and Rebelle Rally founder Emily Miller. More than two dozen women from across the US and Canada joined Barlow and Miller to trade insights and prepare for the upcoming rally. The Rebelle will combine off-road driving skills with precision navigation in a new kind of competition, and the first ever edition will be held in October 2016. Potential competitors wanted to know more about the format and this weekend provided a great opportunity to learn. Miller shared information about the new rally and helped participants work on their navigational skills, while Barlow coached the group on driving techniques, terrain assessment and more. The weekend also offered a preview of the spirit of the new rally as women with different experiences and skills worked together helping each other grow. (Video courtesy of Bower Motorsports Media)

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